Veno Finance

Veno Garden

What is Veno Garden?

Veno Garden is a new addition to Veno Finance. The goal of the Garden is to enable our community to participate in the Veno ecosystem and earn more rewards from using LCRO and VNO. This feature allows you to deploy your LCRO and VNO onto partner protocols directly from the Veno App. With that, you can earn additional rewards by planting your LP and tTokens in the Veno Garden.
If you wish to enjoy a higher APY in Veno Garden, you can also lock your VNO in the Fountain or Reservoir and receive a “watering” boost on your Garden earnings. In a later update, you will be able employ helpers to grow your garden by staking your NFTs to further increase the yield.

Available Gardens

Ferro Garden

Plant your Ferro LCRO-CRO-LP to earn VNO rewards.

VVS Garden

Plant your VVS Finance VVS–VNO-LP to earn VNO rewards.


Watering allows you to boost your VNO earnings for all gardens, which is done by locking VNO into the Fountain and Reservoir. The more VNO locked and the longer the period, the larger the boost you will receive on all your gardens.
VNO requirements illustrated for each watering boost multiplier, if locked exclusively for a single period .

Helpers (coming soon)

In each Garden, users can employ up to 5 helpers. Meaning, you can deposit up to 5 NFTs in a garden. As each helper is tending to the planted tokens, the garden grows and the yield increases. The amount of boost depends on the rarity of the staked NFT. This new boost will be added later. So keep an eye out on our socials to not miss it.