Veno Finance


Cronos ID

Cronos ID is a decentralised identity and communication layer built on Cronos. On a broad level, Cronos ID will give users the ability to send and receive information on-chain, powered by human-readable identifiers.
Veno supports the integration of Cronos ID in which users could use their minted domain in our platform.

Ferro Protocol

Built on the Cronos blockchain, Ferro Protocol is a StableSwap AMM protocol that brings a more efficient way for users to exchange and farm tokens by creating more efficient pools consisting of highly correlated assets, as well as allowing better composability between protocols in the Cronos ecosystem.
In partnership with us, Ferro is the official DEX to offer LCRO liquidity by providing an LCRO-CRO stable pool.

Minted Network is a decentralised NFT platform that aspires to be the digital bazaar of wonders for everyone to discover, trade, and find NFT gems, native to Ethereum and Cronos. Aiming to bring more tools for collection owners to design, curate, and offer utilities to their communities, all without the technical complexities that riddle many aspiring collection owners.
In partnership with us, Minted is the official NFT marketplace for the Veno NFT collection.